What’s the point?

Being a new mommy is – by far – the funnest thing I have ever encountered.  I get to experience new things with my daughter every, single day.  Over the past 12 weeks, we’ve enjoyed seeing her smile for the first time… giggling out loud… and responding to tickles.

Being a new mommy is also the toughest thing I have ever had to do.  In the past 12 weeks, I have gone toe to toe with the nastiest bout of colic you can imagine… comforted baby when she got her 2 month shots… and left her in daycare so I can go back to work.

I’ll be honest… this whole parent thing threw me for a loop.  I enjoy kids and babies – but never knew much about them.  Since the day I found out I was pregnant, Google has become my best friend (well, and my sister-in-law Adrienne… she probably received 2,398 text messages from me in the first 3 months of my pregnancy).  If there’s something I don’t know… there are 500 billion mommies across the world who do and post their thoughts on the Internet.

Even in my search for infinite mommy knowledge… I wasn’t always satisfied with the answers (or lack thereof). I have also discovered our mommy/baby situation is quite unique, compared with most.

For example:

My baby exclusively drinks breastmilk, but I do not breastfeed her. Instead, I pump several times a day (I have even pumped in the backseat of a news vehicle while out on a story!). There are several reasons why I only pump, but you should hear some of the unsupportive comments I have encountered from other mothers. Apparently, I am not bonding with my child properly (newsflash: I gave birth to this girl, I carried her for 9 months… we’re pretty well bonded). There are very few resources for mothers who only pump… in fact, I have found none online.

My baby has colic AND acid reflux.  That has been an ordeal, let me tell you.  We have finally found a combination that works for us… but it wasn’t easy (my blog tomorrow will go into detail).

I am obviously a working mother… but not your “typical” working mother.  As a news reporter, I have to report on some pretty awful things (murders, house fires, industrial accidents, shootings, child abuse, etc). If I thought those things were difficult before… WHOA! They have become much harder to cover now that I have a child.  Also, let’s talk about the pressure I had to lose my baby weight before returning to work, because I am on television.  Jee whiz…

I am not naive – I know all mommies have different battles every day.  Mine aren’t anything special.  But, maybe they’re worth blogging about?


About diapers & deadlines

Mother, wife, and television news reporter. Constantly working to be better at all three jobs. Lover of all things lovely.

2 responses to “What’s the point?

  1. Gayle

    I work in NICU and we have lots of Moms who pump and give breastmilk via bottles. It’s fine. The baby getting breastmilk is what is important .

  2. Adrienne

    It is a learning process, and definitely unique to every single mother. You are doing an awesome job!!!

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