Bumbo-ver protective?

If you’re like every other infant mommy in the world, chances are – you have a Bumbo chair.  The chairs have been around quite awhile, so I was surprised to find out this morning, that the chairs are being recalled for safety reasons: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/48668317/ns/health-childrens_health/

Of course, as a new mom, seeing the word RECALL is enough to make me run the Bumbo chair out into my backyard, douse it in gasoline, set it on fire, and put the flames out with Holy water.  Well, maybe not the Holy water part…. but, yeah… it’s scary to me.

When I was pregnant with Harper, all of my mommy friends told me the Bumbo was something we definitely needed to get.  If you don’t know much about the Bumbo – it’s basically a little chair that envelopes a baby around their back and hips so they can sit up.

Harper loves her Bumbo – we started putting her in it about a month ago.  She loves the independence of sitting up “on her own.” She especially loves her Bumbo, when we have baseball on the television (something about the rich, green field that captures her attention every time).  She loves any reason that allows her to sit up, and I love that the Bumbo gives us the chance to be hands-free and interact with her more.

I was relieved to see that the Bumbo chair wasn’t being recalled into banishment forever.  All that we have to do is order the safety belt that is supposed to keep baby in place, and keep her from falling over.   In the meantime, I will probably stick the chair in Harper’s closet.  I know she could still probably use it, as long as we supervise and use it the way it’s supposed to be used (which we always do!) but I am just not willing to take the chance.

Call me overprotective… call me a worrier… call me a crazy-pants (well, okay… please don’t call me a crazy-pants… that’s just mean).  But, when it comes to my little bebe, I just won’t take chances, no matter how big or small.  Sure, the chances of my little miss getting hurt in her Bumbo are small – but I guess, if a company is offering up a voluntary recall, they must believe they have some liability for any possible danger that might occur as a result of their product.  So, I figure, me taking their warning seriously isn’t being overprotective – it’s me being responsible.

That brings me to the topic of being an overprotective parent.  Is there such a thing?  I am sure there is.  Will I be one?  Sigh.  Yeah, probably so.

I would rather ride the side of caution, than crash on the side of danger.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t plan to wrap Harper up in a helmet and bubble wrap whenever she leaves the house (although, if she inherits her mommy’s clumsy gene, that might not be a bad idea….).  I do realize, however, that it is probably good for Harper’s character, to let her experience some yucky things in life… disappointments, etc.  But, I also know, as her mommy, it is up to me to protect her from whatever I possibly can.  Today, maybe it’s the circle of death (aka Bumbo) but tomorrow it could be something much more substantial.

What’s my point?  My point is, I am the first to admit what a type A person I am… okay, and how uptight I tend to be… but, I do so with the best of intentions.  I don’t have this mother thing perfected (thank goodness, because what a boring journey it would be!), but I do have the best intentions.  And as long as my intentions keep baby Harper healthy, safe and happy – what more could I ask for?


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2 responses to “Bumbo-ver protective?

  1. I personally think this recall was silly. Made me mad that they would even need to recall something because parents could be so irresponsible as to not follow the precautions on the bumbo already. I believe it said something about children falling from parents leaving them unattended on high surfaces, while the thing says to never leave them unattended or put the bumbo on a high surface. People are just crazy for not following common sense. I won’t be getting a safety strap for mine, but we also rarely use it anymore.

  2. Beth Reed

    Well, crazy-pants! I heard on CBC radio that the recall was made because some parents were putting their kids in the Bumbo, on the kitchen countertops…the baby would wiggle out and get a skull fracture. Not very smart… Unfortunately there isn’t a recall for bone headed parents.

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